Featured Artisans

We feature different artists of South Africa who specialize in various mediums such as clay, beads, stone carving and ceramics. We are currently highlighting a collective of potters, sculptors and painters who craft exquisitely hand-made ceramic pieces.  Select a category on the left to view a selection of items currently available.

Among the extraordinary pieces of sculpture on view in the store are limited collectible ceramic sculptures by Owen Maseko.  Hailing from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Maseko was trained at Mzilikazi Art and Craft Center. While working in South Africa, world renown artist Maseko utilizes ceramic pottery to showcase his interpretation of the natural beauty and life experiences in Southern Africa. His signature contemporary ceramic pottery depicts daily life experiences as seen through the struggles of man against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Africa's wildlife.  His limited collectible pieces are sculptured once a year and is in high demand by collectors of extraordinary ceramic sculpture. 

Our Handcrafted Collectibles Include:

Beaded Ceramic Vases
Swazi Baskets
African Greeting Cards


A beautifully hand-crafted work... inspires.

Oumi Dolls from Senegal
Ceramic Pottery
Zulu Nala Clay Pots

Enjoy the exquisite artwork of beautiful South African crafts from Nkosi Distinctive Imported Crafts LLC.  Our business is dedicated to bringing you the best selection of unique, highly desirable signed pieces handcrafted by recognized local artisans living and working in the Republic of South Africa. Occasionally we may display unique items from selected artisans from neighboring countries.

These distinctive collectible items are secured under Fair Trade conditions, which means the crafters paid the prices they are seeking. Additionally, our social responsibility initiative requires that generally a portion of the profit from each sale are set aside to help support the basic needs of previously disadvantaged people living in the crafters' villages.